Sony xperia Z6 Rumors

Hi Guys these are the  Rumors and specs for the Sony Z6. So as far as we know the Z6 family will have five different variants according to a post on Weibo made by AnTuTu in early December. those variants are standard Xperia Z6, a smaller Z6 Mini, a Z6 Compact, the bigger Z6 Plus variant, and the Z6 Ultra variant. But according to a article from Vinereport the Xperia Z6 Mini may no longer come, trimming down rumored variants to two then—and five now, counting the newly reported Z6 Lite as well.


The specs

The Z6 compact is said to be a 4.6 inch phone, While the Z6 mini is said to be a smaller  4.0 inch phone.

According to android pit.The Z6 Mini will reportedly be powered by the Snapdragon 620, whereas the rest of the brood will all use the far more powerful Snapdragon 820.

Heading in the other direction, the Z6 line is speculated to feature a 5.8-inch Xperia Z6 Plus and enormous 6.4-inch Z6 Ultra.

Androidpit said, “This rumor seemed slightly ludicrous, and a recent image from a T-Mobile press conference in Poland, picked up, puts a dampener on the extended Xperia family gathering. The screen at the conference shows just two devices listed for release. There’s no indication of what sizes the devices will be.”

We hope and expect the Xperia`s to opt for a USB type C  instead of  a USB 3.0. A micro SD and to run Marshmallow


The Display

We are not so sure about the display yet but this is what Androidpit said on theirs ”

What display will the Xperia Z6 feature? We’re betting that Sony will either go for the same 1,080p resolution of the Xperia Z5, the Z6’s direct predecessor, or a UHD display like the Z5 Premium.

A QHD display seems unlikely, given that Sony didn’t even include one on the Xperia Z3+, and made the jump straight from Full HD to UHD in the Z5 series. After all, the distinction between Full HD and QHD is almost indiscernible to the human eye.

A 1,080p display seems most probable. However, many believe that higher resolution smartphones have an increasingly important role to play (thanks to the growth in virtual technology such as Google Cardboard, where every pixel counts), so a UHD display on the Z6 might not be entirely out of the question. ”

Thank you we are really excited for this phone as well as many and hope to review all of them. stick around for our CES 2016 news.


All information and rights go to Androidpit, Vinereport and theirs sources. Nitroincblog and all its affiliates have no right to the information.


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