Nikon KeyMission 360

Hi Guys Nikon announced it first 360 Degree action camera. Its first action camera ever. Its name, The Nikon KeyMission 360. It is Nikon`s first ever action  camera. The specs are currently unavailable but that does not mean that we do not know anything about it.

Here is everything we know about the action camera.


The Resolution:

The Resolution is a full 360-degree video capture in 4K (UHD) resolution


Build Quality:

Apparently the build quality is strong, Which you would expect from an action camera. Nikon claims it’s shockproof up to 66 feet and waterproof down to 100 feet.


The Audio Quality:

Corey Rich, who Nikon asked to test out prior to the launch in spring .He said that one of the Key Mission’s standout features was audio that was miles further than any other action cam on the market.


The Size:

The exact measurements are currently unknown but according to tom`s guide( they were actually there) they are about the same size as GoPro’s Hero 4 Session camera, but with two bulbous lenses on either side of its body.


And finally The features:

In my opinion this is the most important. it is the most important because it does not matter how high resolutioned your camera is if the features make it look like some impossible to use, highly unconceived gimmick to make money (Which it sometimes is). I mean simplicity is the best right? Back to the features.  Key Mission  built-in electronic shake reduction, which  Nikon says can be enabled using app while recording. The Key Mission also has built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC, which along with the app-enabled shake reduction,implies that you will be able to connect the Key Mission to a nearby smart device.

Thank you all and tune in for more CES 2016 News.




All information from Tom`s Guide.

All product rights go to Nikon.









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