Hi  Sorry for the long wait for a review had to study for school exams. So today I will be Reviewing a pair of headphones that I got a while back. They are called  The Polaroid Neon studio Headphones. I got mine in the color Neon Green.

So far they have been holding up pretty antiquate during the 11 months that I have had them for. The best parts about them is that they are really comfortable and the cords don`t tangle. overall I would give them a solid 3 and a half stars. I would have given them more but the audio could have been better.


overall they have not failed to impress and I and am looking forward to what Polaroid has in store

Lets look at the Pros And Cons of the Headphones

Pros                                                Cons

Comfortable                                Audio not as expected

No Tangle Cords                         Muffs make you sweaty

Noise Blocking                            Headphones can get dirty at

you can find it at amazon for 15.99

for details and specs look below

Polaroid Noise Isolating Foldable Studio Headphones Iphone/ipad/ipod Compatible – White

Price: $15.99
 Only 1 left in stock.



  • Product Dimensions: 7.3 x 3 x 9.5 inches
    • Jumbo Padding For Extreme Noise Isolation
    • High Quality Sound With a Powerful Bass
    • Comfort Padding With an Adjustable Headband
    • 3.5mm Jack Fits Most Audio Devices
    • Unique Neon Coloring and Style.
    • Organic Cord Fabric

      Thats it, Thanks for watching and See You Next Time

      Requested by P42


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